Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dream of a delectable unique fruit

A young girl not yet out of her teenage years and full of self-doubt about her self worth and who thinks of herself as lacking in something despite being very pretty and attractive dreamt the following:

I am in downtown. I am with a bunch of kids from school. None of them are really my friends. I know them but none of them I can really call  as friends. Then we come to a fruit-shop. I enter inside. There is a fruit there like no other. It is green and it is not like any other fruit.  I cannot name it. I eat just a little of it for I don't want to finish it. For then that fruit will not be there.  

"Why the dream chooses the downtown as its venue?"

To this she said it was not Detroit downtown but Chicago. Associations showed that she wants to pursue her studies in Chicago after graduating. The dream was showing this wish as  already fulfilled.  However, she has mixed feelings about leaving Michigan for she would have to leave her friends behind. The dream was showing this objection too as "yes you have friends to hang around with in downtown Chicago but they really cannot be looked upon as your friends.

She could come up with no associations to the fruit-shop or the fruit. All she could tell was that the fruit was like a peeled orange with the white fibers that surround the pulp still there but it was not shaped like orange but like a tear drop. The white fibers and tear shape raised the possibility of it being considered the genitals but this thought was held back from expression. Instead I asked her to retell the dream. The way she narrated the dream again made me think that eating of the fruit had to to do with sexual satisfaction. Eating sweet things in dream is often symbol of sexual satisfaction and body parts are often presented as fruits.

This time she added two new elements. To enter the fruit-shop she had to climb down a flight of stairs. And the fruitship was tripartite. There were three rooms to it and the center room was made of glass.

Now climbing up or down flight of stairs is perfect symbol of sexual intercourse - mounting/climbing the sexual object - and looking through glass, arising out of scoptophilic instinct, usually depicts curiosity about sex.

"Did you have sex that night?"

The patient who is quite young and had never talked about her relationships intimate or otherwise hesitated our of embarrassment and then judging that I had no prurient interest in the enquiry confessed, "Yes, I have a new boyfriend. I don't know I should name our relationship to be that. I don't know how to name it. I am more into him than he is in to me. But yes, we did have sex on the evening of the dream. And it is strange that he too had a dream that night. He never dreams, but he did that night because I gave him an amethyst when he parted and that amethyst must have made him dream - because amethyst is my birth stone which will bring him good luck and protect him. His dream was also about being in downtown with a group of people. But his dream was full of fear. They were stopped by the police who accused them of doing something wrong. Somebody then shot him in the arm which was so painful that it woke him our the dream/sleep.

Without getting side-tracked into her boyfriend's dream which appeared to be punishment for his having had sex with her, I asked her if not being able to name the one-of-a-kind fruit was not derived from her inability to name their relationship as being that of a girlfriend and boyfriend..

She immediately confirmed it  by saying that she has been wondering as to how to label their relationship. It is not casual friendship but not yet so intimate as to be termed as a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

"Why the fruit-shop has three rooms?"

"It was not quite three rooms. There were two sections on either side of a glass enclosure that had the fruits."

Was she describing the two buttocks and the genitals were being depicted as the unique fruit? This conjecture could not be approached and confirmed because of the delicacy of the subject.

"Why is the fruit green? Was the amethyst you gave him green?"

"No, amethysts are purple." But she came up with another element of the dream that she had not described so far. Her best friend M was with her and she allowed M to taste the fruit a little bit too.

This led to the theme of jealousy for green is often symbol of jealousy. So she was letting her best friend get a taste of her experience, partly to make her jealous, partly to share the experience.

So the dream was about enjoying her sweet tasting body (one of a kind fruit) through the eyes of her lover. The girl agreed with the interpretation.

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