Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mel Gibson and the psychology of wife-beaters and anti-semites

The recent buzz about Mel Gibson's ranting and raving against women, and in the past against Jews, provoked the following thoughts which I think captures the essence of his psychology and the psychology of women-beaters in general:

Mel Gibson is struggling against his own feminine impulses. His cultivation of the macho image and love for making war movies and other hyper-masculine showing off is to cover up his [mostly unconscious] passivity which he cannot tolerate in himself. It is an over compensation for his latent homosexuality. His calling women vulgar names and hitting them is to control their attraction to other men behind which lies his own attraction to men. By condemning their femininity he is trying to convince himself that he is not one bit feminine and is not attracted to men. It is akin to how J. Edgar Hoover detested homosexuals and harassed not only homosexuals but anyone he considered weak or effeminate; meanwhile he was a closet homosexual himself.

Gibson's ranting and raving against Jews is also his condemnation of any trace of gentleness and femininity within himself. Since Jews are generally more tolerant or their own masculine and feminine aspects and not so afraid to be soft and gentle, Mel Gibson hates them. He is afraid he may emulate them which will force him to confront his own bisexuality and instead of facing his own softer side he chooses the coward's path and condemns the people who remind him of his true nature. The irony is that the more intelligent and passionate a man is the more bisexual he is.

His making of The Passion of the Christ was to show how gentleness, meekness and femininity should be punished. His alcoholism is to block out his paranoia and to enable him to love other men in a drunken haze. However, when he is withdrawing from alcohol, hatred reemerges, blocks out the love, and he becomes mean and abusive, attacking women who he considers to be whores like himself who lust after men. His accusation that the way his girl friend was dressing would attract a pack of n*****s is his fear that if he gives into his feminine impulses there is no saying how slippery is the slope and ultimately how many men he will submit himself to, including African American men, whom, perhaps, he fears the most.

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